About JoJo Blue Design

I thought it would be nice to give a wee introduction to who we are!  It's always nice to know who you are buying from and especially with handmade items its great to see the face behind the work and get a sense of the energy and love that has been put into the item you are buying.

So who are we?

JoJo Blue Design Team!

JoJo Blue Design Team!

We're a team of two, there's myself, Sheena and my mum, Mary.  We have each developed our own creative niche and I design resin jewellery and Mary creates hand painted silk scarves.  Our work is drawn together by a love of colour and abstract design to create a vibrant and eye catching line of accessories.

A mix of creative talent, a degree from Edinburgh College of Art and a passion for creating wearable pieces of art, and JoJo Blue was born!

And there you have it!  We're looking forward to a colourful and abstract future...why not join us :-)

"Set your precious jewels in the crown of the world babe - so everyone can see you shine" - P.T.Berkley